For Dogs

On the lower lever, you’ll find two large, wire crates for your use (bring your dog’s favorite bedding!).

There is a secure, fenced yard with four-foot board and wire fence with lots of shade and enough room for a game of fetch.

A Dog Wash station is located just outside the basement door with a hose and a hitch.

Inside the basement door there are plenty of dog towels for you to use, plus complimentary treats, and a selection of dog toys. This selection varies, but we try to add to it regularly. Be sure to bring a few of your own, just in case the previous guest was an ambitious chewer. (There is also a ‘Canine Clean Up bucket’ just in case!)

We hope you’ll love the doghouse under the stairs for photo ops and fun.

Water bowls inside and out for your use. (bring your dog’s food bowl.)

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