Dog Amenities

Gracie’s Place welcomes all dogs – all sizes and breeds. Rental rates are for up to two dogs. You can bring more for an additional $50/per dog/per stay.

We have tried to make this space not just dog-friendly, but dog-welcoming. Inside you’ll find:

Two large dog crates (one upstairs and one downstairs, but feel free to move them to where you need them – and return them when before you leave)

A large comfy dog bed to relax on (cover is washed between stays).

Water and food bowls.

A selection of toys to play with.

Jars full of dog treats.

Doggie door from the kitchen to the patio

Outside you’ll find:

A six-foot privacy fence surrounds the back patio. The brick patio is a great place for a wrestling match, to lounge in the sun, and an added bonus is playing on the bricks files nails!

Sandbox for dogs to dig in (note: do not let toddlers play in this box as dogs do occasionally poop in it).

Gravel areas for dogs to go potty.

A waste bag dispenser (the garbage can is just outside the back gate)

A raised bed for relaxing (although most dogs enjoy the warm bricks on a sunny day)

A selection of toys and a baby pool to cool off in summer.

Other important things to note:

You are on vacation, but your dog is likey a little stressed by the new environment. We’ve tried to make a very welcoming place for furbabies, but do keep an eye on your pup and pay extra attention.

Accidents happen, especially in a new place, so if your dog has one, please clean the area immediately. There is a spray bottle of vinegar, rags, and Nature’s Miracle No-mark spray for your use in the canine clean-up bucket (in the closet at bottom of stairs). It’s important that you thoroughly clean the accident area with vinegar, plus USE THE NATURE’S MIRACLE SPRAY so that there is no evidence left for the next dog who may see it as an invitation to leave their own mark.

Please clean up after your dog in the backyard/patio – we provide dog waste bags for this purpose in a white dispenser attached to the pavilion post.

Don’t worry if your dog pees on the bricks (the rain will wash it away)

Please don’t leave your dogs outside unattended.

Please don’t let your dog dig under the bottom of the fences – particularly where the gates are.

There is a small fence protecting the raised flower and herb beds, please do on allow your dog to jump over them.

Do not leave your dogs locked inside a bedroom while you are out. The old soft wood of the doors damages easily if dogs attempt to scratch their way out.

Please do not bathe your dog in the jacuzzi tub. This is an older tub and is always a challenge to clean, made even more so if the return/jets are loaded with dog hair.

When walking your dog throughout Woodstock, ALWAYS CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG. There are portable dog waste bag containers near the front door for you to borrow if you don’t remember to bring your own.

Traveler’s Treasures, one of my favorite shops on Main street (which also carries all my books – be sure to say hi to Joy who owns it!) is actually dog friendly for well-mannered dogs and usually has a dog water bowl out front.

We know that dogs will be dogs, but please do your best to ensure that your dog does not damage any of the furniture in the house.

There is a basket of ‘dogness’ rocks on the mission table in the parlor. Feel free to take one with you on your hike to leave for others to find or take one home with you as a souvenir.

We hope your dog has a great time here. We’ve tried to make it as accommodating as we can for them, but if while you are here you think of something that would have made your dog’s stay even better, please let us know!

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