Rates and Availability for Gracie’s Place

Rates are for up to 6 people and 2 dogs. Additional people or pets are $50/per person or dog/per stay.

State and County Lodging and sales tax are applicable.

$250/night or $1500/week (Jan -March)

Local and state lodging and sales tax is approximately 10% and cleaning fee is $100.

To request a stay, email Cara at


or use the rental inquiry form


We update this information as often as possible, but it is not always instantaneous. We take reservations on a first come-first served basis. We will only hold dates for three days from when the rental contract is emailed.


September 15-28

October 2-13, 18-31

November 1-20, 28-30

December 1-22


Jan 1-23

Feb 13-28

March 1-31

April 1-29

May 14-31

June 1-30

July 1-31

Aug 1-31

Sept 1-30

Oct 1-31

Nov 1-20, 27-30

Dec 1-20

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