Writing Retreat

Need a place to focus on writing or work?

Need a space to focus and work? The quiet and comforts of Chateau Frankie are a perfect writing environment. A writer’s nook in the loft bedroom is outfitted with a desk, lamp, writing books & references, and even a few writing supplies.

The view out the window is trees and mountains. The absence of wifi will keep the distractions to a minimum, but utilizing a hotspot (with all phone services except Verizon) can put the internet within reach if you need it.

Want to bring writing buddies? There are additional writing spots in the house – breakfast bar, dining room table, small desk in guest room, and a large kitchen table on the lower level for starters. Weather permitting, the covered porch and the deck and even the local river park with its benches and picnic tables also make great writing spots.

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